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Established in 1987 by Sakae Ringyo in Tokyo, Japan, SRSuntour quickly expanded to Taiwan, where it set up factories and specialized in manufacturing aluminum bicycle components covering the mid to high end. . The first productions of mountain bike forks were born in 1995, far from the models we know today, but definitely innovative.

Thanks to the high technology of the suspensions, SRSuntour supports athletes and professional teams and wins many international titles. Julie Bresset became Olympic champion in London in 2012 with the Axon, just like Tom Pidcock at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, against the Swiss duo Flückiger-Schurter.

High level and performance are intimately linked to SRSuntour, which is why these products equip the KTM Vittoria Team.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

Jérôme dericbourg – team manager vision

We asked our Team Manager Jérôme Dericbourg about his vision of SRSuntour products, his feedback and his pro tips!

We chose SRSuntour products for several reasons, firstly for the quality of their suspensions, once again honored by an Olympic title. Also for the human relations and the bonds that we have been able to weave together. At SRSuntour, people are involved and I particularly like working with them. Without forgetting that the Team headquarters is based 10 minutes from the service center in France, you can call them for advice or information and last but not least the brand is present at all the major races! Their support is really efficient.

If we focus on the products, we can see that the new suspensions are perfectly adapted to modern XC. They work very well regardless of the tracks complexity. Both climbing and downhill, pilots feel good, confident and moreover they are light and adjustable products. Exactly what riders are looking for.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team


Team riders use the Axon 34 Werx fork with handlebar lockout. This is the brand’s unique cross-country model. What is incredible with this product is that it adapts as well to Mr. and Mrs. everyone, as to the high level. Indeed, with the factory settings, it already works very well, the cartridge works wonderfully in hydraulics. Our job is to find the detailed settings to improve the sensations and feelings of the riders according to their size and the different tracks. If we caricature, anyone can buy and ride a product that rides and wins on the biggest XC events on the planet!


For the rear shock, we used the Edge models on the riders’ KTM Scarps. It’s a standard air shock with a positive and negative room. Quite simple, effective and light. It is still a product on which we worked a lot with the Service Course. The objective being to find the perfect setting adapted to the bike work in general and to the track of the race for each weekend.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

settings and maintenance

Another decisive point in the choice of these products is about settings. The Team is made up of 4 riders, with different sizes, different ways of riding and also different sensitivities. This is why it was necessary to have products that are easy to adjust on a daily basis. We change the air volume spacers, the air pressure and the rebound according to the circuits and let’s go! And then, as we really listen to the riders, they can make adjustments themselves if they wish or see with me to help them to adapt to the track. These times of discussion are decisive and really interesting!

Regarding maintenance, it’s quite simple once again. A mountain biker will not need to do any special maintenance. For the Team it’s different, I disassemble and reassemble before each race and the same operation after each race. The objective is to always have products at the top, which perfectly meet the requirements of the riders and the course. At the top level, we know that the details count, so we put all the means !

SRsuntour suspensions in action

| 04-05-2022