Races launch in Banyoles Copa Catalana

With some emotion, KTM Vittoria Team made its first trip in Spain. First race of the year is important for riders to test themselves and equipment. But it is more than just the season kick off for us, we have adrenaline by racing with new colors of the KTM Vittoria Team !

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

All announced a great show for this Catalan International Hors Class Cup with all the best Europeans XCO riders. It is a perfect test event to ride into real performance conditions. Parc de la Draga, 6.2km per lap, on wich the rain has nos appeared for 4 months, we will play with the dust and make the right tire choices. First ride are good, legs seem good, KTM Scarps are meticulously adjusted, pilots make their last segment, the Vittoria Mezcal switched by the Terreno, it is time to start in Banyoles.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

Léna starts first, saturday 3:30pm, first

Thanks to a great start, a hard-working skill lately she is at the head group of the race. The sensations are good and she attacks to take the lead. The course is very fast, so Evie Richards and Alessandra Keller get on and come back to Léna, finding themselves 3rd for several kilometers. When Léna started the last lap, Isla Short and Annie Last came back and following a slight collision and she puts her foot down. The podium seems to move away. Léna resists and comes back to this group and take this 5th place. First race, first podium for the KTM Vittoria Team !

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

Tatiana take place in the first line in the junior category

Her start is powerful and puts her directly in pole position. Tatiana does the Hole Shot and shines her tricolor jersey. She keeps the pace until Anina Hutter and Ella Maclean take her back. Thanks to a very good racing mind, Tatiana made the difference at the beginning of the last lap to keep her 3rd position until the finish line. This very fast race is perfect for her and it is a second podium for the Team.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

Sunday 12:30pm, Maxime is in the starting blocks, 8th line

The start is full speed, difficult to get back up but Maxime is powerful. From 41st position, he came back to the group playing 20th place, alongside Maxime Marotte. The race is fast, it takes watts after every bend and technical section. The first three laps are over, the pace is high. But the first Espoir category rider tried to get inside at 40km/h… The inevitable crash broke his derailleur and damaged his rear wheel. No crash for he but finishing such a race without a derailleur is clearly impossible. Nevertheless, the sensations were good and it is even more motivated that he will take the start of the next race.

“The level for both women and men was impressive. This is the race to
be to kick off the season. The KTM Vittoria Team is very proud of this
first racing weekend, with 2 women’s podiums for Léna and Tatiana,
ensuring great performances for Maxime.” Jérôme Dericbourg – Team Manager

See you next weekend in Guéret for the Massi Cup Chabrières – UCI C1 !

| 28-02-2022