ÖKK Bike Revolution Tamaro Trophy, Switzerland

Before taking off for the first World Cup in Brazil, part of the team went this weekend to the idyllic place of Rivera – Monte Ceneri, Switzerland for the ÖKK Bike Revolution Tamaro Trophy, highlights !

Tatiana Tournut, Maxime Loret and Mathis Guay will ride this UCI Hors Class / UCI Junior Series XCO race, between lakes and mountains. It is a very spectacular track with rolling and toughly segments. Technically very challenging, the track requires to stay focused to avoid mistakes on this ultra-dry race. The sun is out, it’s hot, the pressure is rising in the start gates…

Tatiana Tournut still on the podiums

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

A powerful start puts her in the lead throughout the first lap. She feels good, legs are strong, the track suits her. She gets ahead and increases her lead till the end of the first lap, but a barrier steers her the wrong way. In the high level, every second counts, these 10 seconds of hesitation are too much. Riders are back on Tatiana. Despite a puncture, Monique Halter caught up and managed to win. Tatiana stays focus but Valentina Corvi and Anina Hutter past her. Alone Tatiana crossed the finish line in 4th position, French first rider. Great performance, she says “better and better, it’s really good for the future”!

Maxime Loret & Mathis Guay, side by side

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

The two Team riders start side by side on the third line. The team is happy to see them together for the start because it is the kick off for Mathis, with elite men. Both make a good start, in the top 15, to start this 7 laps race. After the first climb, Maxime is 12th, Mathis is on his wheel. The duo is progressing well. The track is technical, in particular because of its rocks, roots and scree. Mathis punctures the front wheel in the “Sahtan Road” segment and fall quite heavily. Impossible to run with an ankle in the end of convalescence, it is wiser to stop the race.

Maxime goes on and at the end of the 2nd lap, it is his turn to puncture the rear wheel in a scree. He joined the technical area but he is in 30th position. Hard to get back into the race. On the next lap, it’s the front wheel that loses air, bad mood. No need to take risks, it is better to stop there. They end up frustrated, but confident about their physical condition to fight against the best international level in Brazil.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

“It was a complicated race weekend, as often happens in sport, however, we’re going to work and learn race after race. Tatiana is on a very nice rise that pushes the whole Team. Léna skipped this race to do a big training block for Brazil. The guys will want to transcend themselves in Petropolis. The dynamic is super positive and the determination always on top, it’s really great!  ”

Jérôme Dericbourg – Team Manager

Next week-end we are going to Petropolis in Brasil, for a warm-up race before the first Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup from 8 to 10 april 2022 !

 | 28-03-2022