Massi Cup Chabrières – UCI C1

The KTM Vittoria Team riders took the start of the Massi Cup of Chabrières – UCI Class 1 in Guéret. Léna Gérault and Tatiana Tournut once again on the podium, Maxime Loret on the road and already preparing for the next step.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

After a Spain kick-off in a rather arid and dusty climate, here is the weather for a wetter march month in Creuse – France. To fully understand the tracks, it is essential to ride again and again on softer and stickier ground. Pilots love this natural course in the forest with technicals sections, its fun singles and its rolling segment, back to the MTB roots !

Léna Gérault on the highest step

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

Building on the good vibes of Banyoles from previous weekend, Léna was able to made a great race from a great start and takes the lead from the first meters. She increases her lead and a strategic race began. The laps go by, the technical sections are crossed without difficulty and she crosses the finish line with two minutes ahead of the first pursuer. Congrats !

Tatiana Tournut, U18 category 2nd place

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

The youngest Team rider Tatiana starts shortly after the women’s elite. A good start puts it in the best possible way. Sensations are there, but we had to deal with other present forces and Lilou Fabregue was also in good shape. The duo breaks up and it becomes difficult for our French Champion Tatiana to stay Lilou’s wheel, despite being behind in Banyoles. Tatiana hangs on and manages to keep this very good second place.

Maxime Loret beautiful 6th place

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

It is now the turn of the elite men start. Maxime feels good and enjoy the track. Despite a broken rib that prevents him from being at 100% of his skills since Chelva, he pedals with power and courage. In front of the race a group escapes. Unfortunately Maxime finds himself alone and we know that it’s difficult to stay in race without other riders. Strenght and determination allowed him to keep the pace and grabbed a very nice 6th place.

KTM Vittoria Cross country bike team

“It’s a very good race weekend for the Team ! The firsts main deadlines are close. Pilotes are soon ready and the equipment too. We are improving the details, day by day, race after race, to be on top ! The staff is very proud of these performances”

Jérôme Dericbourg – Team Manager

See you next March 19 and 20 in Marseille for the first SKF
French Cup !

| 07-03-2022